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Lilly and the Magic Pearl

Original title: ???
German title: Lilly and the Magic Pearl
Monaco, Bulgaria, France, 2015

Director: Koulev, Anri
Production company: Shibuya Productions
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 75 min.
Film genre: Animation

Little Lilly standing inside the telephone box on the beach is listening to a fairy tale, which takes her to the sea bottom where she meets the ugly monster – the fish Gillion – and together, they set off looking for the magic pearl!

In the sea of kids’ dreams a small pearl is shining, to make us all good…finally. But to become good, a price should be paid…
The encounters Lilly goes through are getting more and more dangerous because the Jellyfish, the Turbot and the Octopus, all of them want just one thing – to deavour Lilly!

Annecy 2015, Rimouski 2015, Sichuan 2015, Golden Rhyton FF Plovdiv 2015, FIFEM Montreal 2016, Pula 2016

Website: www.shibuya-productions.com/en/projets/lilly-and-the-magic-pearl.html,007

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