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Living Forest, The

Original title: Bosque Animado, El
German title: lebende Wald, Der
Spain, 2001

Director: Cruz, Angel de la & Gomez, Manolo
Production company: Dygra Films
Co-producers: Megatrix
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Mole Furi is very shy and head over heels in love with Linda,.an altogether sweet and cheeky girl mole. Whenever she’s about, Furi is in high spirits and not a bit frightened. But how is he to tell her that he loves her more than anything else? One day he scrapes together all his courage to confess his love to Linda. But Linda and her family are nowhere to be found in the forest. Furi is desperate. Together with his friends, Morrina the Cat, Piorno the Mouse and Luci the Firefly he goes to look for the missing moles. Soon they find them locked up in tight cages in the cellar of the cruel Mr. A’Plenty, who is responsible for the disappearance of many animals of the forest. Mr. A’Plenty plans a very special gift for his wife. She already has fur coats made of the skins of all kinds of animals, so this time he wants to give her a coat made of mole fur. But Furi and his friends find a way to rescue Linda and her family from certain death.

The first long computer-animated film made in Europe. Awarded with two Spanish Film Prizes "Goya" for the best animation feature film and the best song.
Very successful in Spanish theatres: more than 500.000 visitors.

Marketing strategies:
500.000 admissions in Spain, one of the top-ten-films in Spain in 2001, sold to Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal.

Cartoon and Animation Film Festival Brussels 2001, Hiroshima 2002, Frankfurt 2002, Chicago 2002 (awarded), Zlin 2002 (awarded), Cinemagic Belfast 2002, Antwerp 2003, Laon 2003, Cinekid Amsterdam 2003, Istanbul 2003, Vienna 2004, Kristiansand 2005, Cinema Infantil Brazil 2004

Website: www.thelivingforest.com

World sales address/es:
Dygra (E)

Sold to:
Jef (BE)
In The Air (NL)
Walt Disney (E)
Colifilms (F)
Super RTL (D)
Medusa (I)
Albares (F)
Lusomundo (PT)