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Land of Good Kids

Original title: Strana Khoroshikh Detochek
German title: Land der guten Kinder, Das
Russia, 2013

Director: Kaptur, Olga
Production company: The New People Company
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Sasha is a restless and disobedient little girl, whose parents have imprudently expressed a wish, that their naughty child remains in the passing year and a good one passes on to New Year. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, an unknown good little girl appears on the threshold, while Sasha is magically transported into the fairy Land of Good Kids for re-education and rehabilitation. The Land of Good Kids is ruled by a strict Queen and her even stricter representative, and the life of the citizens is governed by strict rules. In order to get back to her parents, Sasha must experience incredible adventures and overcome a set of difficult trials, with the help of her true friends, the cat Baguette and the dog Balbes.

Giffoni 2014, Cinekid Amsterdam 2014,Schlingel Chemnitz 2014 (special mention), Kinolub Kraków 2016 (awarded)

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