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Lord's Angel, The

Original title: Andel Páne
German title: Lord's Angel, The
Czech Republic, 2006

Director: Strach, Jiri
Production company: CT-HOO DOO Production s.r.o

It is early in the morning on the day before Chritmas, and everybody in Heaven is getting ready for the spectacular celebration of little Christ‘s birthday. Only Archangel Petronel seems to be constantly getting under everybody else’s feet. Whatever he does is wrong, but he never admits his fault, which sets all saints against him. The only one left who still has some patience left with him is God himself, but Petronel manages to outrage even him. As a punishment, Petronel is sent down to live in the world of humans and ordered to reform at least one sinner – otherwise he will end up in hell as a fallen angel on Christmas Day. Who is the one who is finally reformed? That remains to be found out by the spectators.

Zlin 2006, Schlingel Chemnitz 2006,

Website: www.andelpane.cz

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Czech TV (CZ)