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León and Olvido

Original title: León y Olvido
German title: León und Olvido
Spain, 2004

Director: Bermúdez, Xavier
Production company: El Paso Producciones Cinematográficas
Co-producers: Television des Galicia - TVG
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Olvido is a 21-year-old woman. León, who is more or less the same age, has Down Syndrome. They lost their parents four or five years ago and their only inheritance was the rent of the house where they live and an old car. Olvido wants León to accept to go to a boarding school by himself and looks after his own things and does at least some jobs around the house. León would like his occupations, responsibilities and jobs to be as few as possible and wants his sister to look after him wholeheartedly. Olvido's desperation grows and León's tenacity is continually put to the test. Both are going to have to live through extreme situations and it will be difficult for them to come through unscathed.

Malaga 2004 (awarded), Karlovy Vary 2004 (awarded), Copenhagen 2004, Montreal 2004, Athens 2004 (awarded), London 2004, Festival Cine Independiente de Orense/ España 2004, Black Nights Film Festival Tallin/Estonia 2004, Mar del Plata 2005, Istanbul 2005, Poznan 2005

World sales address/es:
El Paso (Esp)

Sold to:
Solida (Esp)
Xenix (CH)