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Loveliest Riddle, The

Original title: Nejkrasnejsi Hadanka
German title: bezauberndste Rätsel, Das
Czech Republic, 2008

Director: Troška, Zden?k
Production company: Barrandov Studio
Co-producers: TV Nova, RWE, Falcon
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Mat?j works for a farmer and is in love with his boss’s daughter, Majdalenka. But the greedy man drives him out. Mat?j makes his way as far as the royal castle, where a grand contest is being held for the hand of Princess Rozmarýna. Whoever solves three riddles will have her hand in marriage. Mat?j is a clever lad, and the princess’s tasks are as easy as pie for him. The king grows fond of the bright young man but, to the general, the lady-in-waiting and the steward, Mat?j just means trouble. Particularly when he befriends the courageous and honest soldier Ondra, who is secretly in love with Princess Rozmarýna. They devise a trap which will rid them of Mat?j. But he, with the aid of his friend Ondra, uncovers all their tricks. The princess
finally realises who truly loves her and, as a result, also solves the “loveliest riddle”. Mat?j, however, is keen to set off back home to his beloved Majdalenka...

Zlin 2008, Chemnitz 2008, Olympia Pyrgos 2008, Antwerp/Brugge 2009, Stockholm Junior 2009

Website: www.nejkrasnejsihadanka.cz

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