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Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange – A Rapid Love Story

Original title: Lisa Limone ja Maroc Orange: tormakas armulugu
German title: Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange – A Rapid Love Story
Estonia, 2013

Director: Laas, Mait
Production company: Nukufilm
Co-producers: Bufo Oy

This adventurous animation, full of music and humour, consists of allegorical animation stories with dancing shopping carts, illegal boat refugees and the sour-sweet love story of an Orange boy and a Lemon girl. Don’t be afraid – the ketchup blood thrown at the audience will not leave stains on your clothes!

Is love restricted to state borders or social status? Does it matter, which colour the wires are made of?

Life is movement!

Lisa Limone is an Italian girl. Maroc Orange is a Moroccan boat refugee. Life brings them together in a 3D puppet animation musical of love and contemporary politics. Age-old story of forbidden love in a modern setting with fruit puppets.

Marketing strategies:
3D stop-motion animation.

Tallinn Black Nights 2013, ITFS Stuttgart 2014

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Nukufilm (EE)