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Little Polar Bear

Original title: Der kleine Eisbär
German title: Der kleine Eisbär
Germany, 2001

Director: Rycker, Piet de & Rothkirch, Thilo Graf
Production company: Cartoon Film, Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Co-producers: Warner Bros. Germany
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Lars is a rather unusual polar bear cub. He lives with his parents in the huge polar landscape. One day something strange happens: Lars makes friends with the seal Robbie, who has saved his life. Lars' and Robbie's parents are shocked, for after all, polar bears usually only like seals for dinner. And the adult polar beara Kalle, Palle and Nalle think that Lars' behaviour is impossible.
A huge argument develops among the animals. But Lars, Robbie and the walrus Sopho arrive at a solution: the seals will provide fish for the polar bears, and in exchange the polar bears will leave the seals in peace. The animals are all prepared to accept this agreement and celebrate their reconciliation with a party.
But then one day a black ship arrives. The seals cannot catch any more fish, and the Eskimo girl Mani also reports that they have not had any fish for a long time.
Together with his friends, Lars finally manages to put the black ship out of action. (Gera 2001)

"The most beautifiul film for children in the year 2001 and already now a classic." (Reinhard Kleber, Kinder- & Jugendfilm-Korrespondenz)

Exciting and clever animated fable for all the family. Based on the classic books by Hans De Beer. (Leeds Children's Film Festival 2003)

Marketing strategies:
The film is based on Hans de Beer's books, which are popular in several European countries. Some short films on the same books have been broadcasted during a very popular German TV-magazine for children.
With the film Warner Bros. organized 400 (!) previews on September 20th 2001 (world day of the children).
Merchandising and cross-promotion with producers of toothpaste (!), toys, games, chocolate, school utrensils and - aiming on the parents - AOL. 2,7 million admissions in Germany, plus 500.000 admissions in Austria and Switzerland.

Antwerp 2003, Golden Sparrow Erfurt/Gera 2003, Leeds 2003, Duesseldorf 2003

Website: www.derkleineeisbaer.de

World sales address/es:
Warner Brothers (DE)

Sold to:
Warner Brothers (DE)
Warner Bros. Italy (I)
Warner (A)
Warner Bros. (B)
Kinderkanal (D)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
Gébéka (F)