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Little Hippo

Original title: Petit Potam
Belgium, 2001

Director: Choquet, Christian & Deyries, Bernard
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Little Hippo is playing by the river when he overhears a conversation between pirates who intend to attack the village. When he tells this to his parents and friends, nobody wants to believe him and he runs away, desperately. During his run away, he meets Honeydew, a little orphan tiger, with whom he is going to live exciting adventures.

Nice animation (75 minutes) also for younger children (age between 4 and 9 years old).

Marketing strategies:
12.000 admissions in Gemany.

Gmunden 2002, Hof 2006

Website: www.littlehippo.net

World sales address/es:
Neuroplanet (Lux)

Sold to:
MFA+-Filmverleih (D)
Eurozoom (F)
Mont-Blanc (CH)
Le Parc (BE)