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ECFA Award Winner

Wunderkinder aka Child Prodigies

Original title: Wunderkinder
German title: Wunderkinder
Germany, 2011

Director: Rosenmüller, Marcus O.
Production company: CCC Filmkunst GmbH
Age recommendation: 13 years and up
Length: 96 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Poltawa, Ukraine, beginning of the 40s. With the invasion by the German Wehrmacht, the good relationship between the Germans and the Russian adults ends abruptly, not so with the children though who have been best friends for a few years already: the German Hanna Reich and two Jewish children, Abrascha Kaplan and Larissa Brodsky. All three friends share the love for classical music. Abrascha and Larissa are highly gifted musicians. Both children got known within the Soviet Union and the communist party planned already to send the children to the USA, but just before they are getting ready to leave for the trip, the political situation changes: the Nazis declare war to the Soviet Union. Being only between the age of 12 and 13, the children do not understand jet the madness and brutality of the adults and only see one way out of the disaster: to help each other and to win the hearts of the adults by using their musical ability.

"A film that links friendship, history, music, culture, politics, which looks back to the past of Europe and explores many crucial themes for the future." ECFA-Jury Giffoni 2011

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Festivalcontact: Renate Zylla - rzylla@arcor.de

Jerusalem 2011 (awarded), Giffoni 2011 (awarded, ECFA Award), Buster Copenhagen 2011 (awarded), Toronto 2012, Cinekid Amsterdam 2012, Chicago 2012, Ale Kino Poznan 2012, Providence CFF 2013 (awarded), Filemon Brussels 2013

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