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We Can Be Heroes

Original title: We Can Be Heroes
German title: We Can Be Heroes
Great Britain, 2017

Director: Downes, Claire
Production company: Heroes Productions Ltd
Length: 90 min.
Film genre: Feature film

11-year-old Ben can’t really remember his dad. After all, he was only a baby when he lost him in the New York Twin Towers attacks. Now ten years later, with his mum finding things hard to manage at home, he’s sent away for one long, hot summer, to stay with his grandparents.
A new kid in a new town, Ben quickly makes firm friends with Priti (11), the super-smart, know-it-all, motor-mouth next door. Then his sulky 12 year old cousin, Jed, turns up. Together, the three young heroes start to believe they are on the brink of cracking a major terrorist plot, with Priti’s own devout Muslim older brother the target of their rising suspicions. Soon, what looked like a boring holiday turns into an adventure none of them will never forget.

A heart-warming, timely film for the whole family, all about the power of friendship, love and the amazing things that can happen when communities work together for a better understanding. (http://film.britishcouncil.org/we-can-be-heroes)

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Adapted from Catherine Bruton’s both much loved as well as critically acclaimed children’s book.

Edinburgh IFF 2017

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Starline (GB)