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War Princess

Original title: Voyna Printsessy
Russia, 2013

Director: Alenikov, Vladimir
Production company: Vladimir Alenikov
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Rosrentgen, a Moscow suburb town, was divided in the '90s between its two ruling adolescent gangs - the local Russians and the refugees from the Southern republics of the former Soviet Union. A Russian girl nicknamed Princess and Karen, a boy from the Caucuses, fall in love. They are forced to fight for their rights and for their feelings for one another in the atmosphere filled with hate, cruelty and most significantly of all, religious and ethnic intolerance.

Moscow 2013, Barcelone 2013, Rolan Bykow CFF Yerevan 2013, “KinoMay” Saint-Petersburg Children’s and Youth Film Festival (awarded), Just Film Black Nights Tallinn 2013 (awarded)

Website: www.princesswar.ru

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