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Where Eskimos Live

Original title: Where Eskimos Live
German title: Wo die Eskimos leben
Poland, Germany, USA, 2001

Director: Wiszniewski, Tomasz
Production company: VIF Film / Euroarts / Business Affairs / Akson Studio
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

50-year-old Sharkey works for the children protection organization UNICEF. He travels to war-torn Bosnia to pick up an orphaned child, the ten-year-old Vlado. The boy has learned to get by on his own and to ignore the terror around him. Together Sharkey and Vlado escape through the menacing country marked by brutal tyranny. Several times they encounter military patrols on their way. At one of the control points their car is destroyed, and Sharkey arrested for spying. Vlado bribes one of the officers and thus prevents Sharkey's execution in the nick of time. They manage to make their way to Poland. There Sharkey is revealed to be a child racketeer, who was sent by an unscrupulous lawyer to pick up Vlado. Even though Sharkey is anything but a saint, he does have second thoughts. Somewhere along their way through the upheavals of war, he has become fond of Vlado. That's why he saves the boy from being handed over to a criminal gang involved in organ traffic. (Lucas Filmfestival 2002)

Main actor: Bob Hoskins

Frankfurt 2002

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Vine Int. Pict. (GB)