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Wild Chicks and Life

Original title: wilden Hühner und das Leben, Die
German title: wilden Hühner und das Leben, Die
Germany, 2008

Director: Naefe, Vivian
Production company: Bavaria (Uschi Reich)
Co-producers: ZDF, Constantin, Lunaris (Peter Zenk), Odeon
Age recommendation: 11 years and up

The third instalment of the popular and award-winning film series finds the Wild Chicks, now full-fledged teenagers, on a class trip that brings significant changes to their lives.

Sprotte and Fred have been going out for two years, and Fred thinks it’s time for them to go all the way. Sprotte, however doesn’t feel ready, which leads to tension between them and puts a damper on the start of an exciting school trip to a castle. But Sprotte isn’t the only one preoccupied. Frieda, upset that her father is having an affair, finds herself drawn to Willi, even though he is with Melanie. Trude’s mind is on her boyfriend in Spain while aspiring actress Wilma wonders if she will get a callback for an important part. And then there’s Melanie. Something is clearly troubling her, but whatever the problem is, she refuses to discuss it– even with her four best friends.

After they arrive at the castle, it looks as if Sprotte will be able to patch things up with Fred – until she sees him kissing another girl! Meanwhile, a group of younger girls calling themselves The Baby Chicks have begun playing pranks on The Wild Chicks, leading them to wonder if they have outgrown the need to be a group.

Highlighted by excellent performances, The Wild Chicks and Life delivers an entertaining and meaningful look at the joys and tribulations of growing up and the important role that friendship plays on the road to maturity. (Sprockets Toronto 2009)

Marketing strategies:
Another film based on the popular book series by Cornelia Funke.

Sprockets Toronto 2009 (honourable mention), Zlin 2009

World sales address/es:
Bavaria Media International (DE)

Sold to:
Constantin (DE)
ZDF-Hauptred. Jugend & Familie (D)
Rialto (CH)