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Wolf Summer

Original title: Ulvesommer
German title: Kim und die Wölfe
Norway, 2002

Director: Norlund, Peder
Production company: Nordisk Film Production AS
Co-producers: Nordisk Film Production Denmark
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Kim, a twelve-year-old girl, has a dramatic encounter with a wolf while out on a secret climbing expedition during her summer vacation. Terrified and helpless she is trapped inside the wolf’s den along with a starving cub. Eventually she realizes the wolf mother has a plan with this «kidnapping.» Kim is about to begin the most amazing summer of her life, as babysitter and hunting partner for a wolf. Hunted by concerned parents and furious hunters she is forced to choose sides in a heated conflict.
Much like Free Willy, Wolf Summer tells the fascinating tale of an unusual partnership and an even more unusual friendship between a child and a wild animal. (Norwegian Films 2003)

“The film is captivating by its impressive images and an exciting adventure story. It tells us about 12 year-old Kim who is brave and determined to pursue her aim without being afraid of the dangers she encounters. A cinema event for children marked by a consistent dramaturgy, a camera work focussing on the beauties of wild nature and a direction with a feeling for the essential things. The film has met the special challenges of the script with an apparent ease. It takes children seriously by appealing to them aesthetically, but also by believing them capable of standing a certain amount of tension. A committed film that has convinced us.” (Chemnitz 2003, International Professional Jury)

"The story ends in a great climax." / "The nature as a beautiful décor, the simple montage and the nice camera work made the film attractive for younger and older children." / "Kim's character was really courageous." (Comments from the children's jury members at Antwerp 2004)

Chemnitz 2003 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2003, Cinekid Amsterdam (awarded), Luebeck 2003 (awarded), Oulu 2003, Antwerp/Brugge 2004, Malmö 2004, Filmberry Riga 2004, Duesseldorf 2004, Cinepänz Cologne 2004 (awarded)

World sales address/es:
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
Columbia Tristar (Norway)
Park Junior (NL)
Kinderkanal (D)
Kidflix Global