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Wasting, The

Original title: Wasting, The
German title: Wasting, The
Great Britain, 2016

Director: Saunders, Carolyn
Production company: Wasting Films Ltd
Length: 94 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Sophie is on the brink of womanhood, in love for the first time, and fighting for her life. She’s anorexic, the result of a battle for control with her overbearing father Ilyas. He’s a chef; when she doesn’t eat, she hits him where it hurts.
Stuck in a West Midlands village far from her old friends, in a family that refuses to let her grow up and find her own way, refusing food is her only weapon, and her secret boyfriend Liam her only relief. When Sophie starts having nocturnal visits from a horrifying ghost, everyone she loves dismisses it, believing she’s having anorexic hallucinations. Her credibility lost, Sophie leans on Liam and they become ever more intimate. Suspicious Ilyas cracks down harder, while Sophie’s possessive mother is disturbed, sensing she may lose her virginity. Pressure builds, the anorexia and the attacks increase. Sophie’s life is on the line and a dark family secret surfaces as the battle of wills becomes a battle for survival.

Vienna IFF 2017, Vittorio Veneto 2017 (awarded)

Website: www.TheWasting.com

World sales address/es:
Wasting Films (GB)