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Why Chickens Don't Fly

Original title: Wut auf Kuba
German title: Wut auf Kuba
Germany, 2022

Director: Cavero, Naira
Production company: Locolor
Co-producers: HFF München
Age recommendation: 16 years and up
Length: 78 min.
Film genre: Feature film

When the young, single mother Marlene, looking for freedom and the desire to leave her idle everyday life behind, meets the two stubborn revolutionaries Lola and Sonne, she suddenly drifts into a spiral of longing and fear of loss, in which she could lose everything she has ever known.

Torn between the sense of responsibility for her children, the distant dream of a place in a tropical paradise and fed by the anger of having been cheated out of a promise of freedom again, Marlene is faced with a decision. Does she bend to the pressures of her gray reality or does she continue to fight against the banality of her dreary everyday life?

Munich IFF 2022 (awarded), Finále Plzen IFF 2022, Cottbus IFF 2023

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Locolor (DE)