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Wings of Glass

Original title: Vingar av glas
German title: Fluegel aus Glas
Sweden, 2000

Director: Bagher, Reza
Production company: Omega Film & TV AB
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

18-year-old Nazli grew up in Sweden. Her faily comes from Iran. Nazli, who thinks of herself as Swedish, wants to fit in to the new Swedish surroundings. In order to seem even more Swedish, she even changes her name. She applies for a job under the name Sara Lindström, assuming that she would otherwise not even make it as far as an interview. All this is frowned upon by her traditionally-minded father Abbas. He has made many sacrifices for his two daughters and he would like to see them marry Iranian men he has chosen for them: Hassan for Mahin and Hamid for Nazli. Mahin likes Hassan, but Nazli refuses Hamid, though she does accept a job in his video shop. One day, a Swedish man called Johann makes an attempted theft. He regrets doing so and begs her not to report him. Nazli falls in love with Johann, who is a “hooligan” in her father's eyes. Hamid continues to pursue his “betrothed” Nazli and eventually tries to rape her. Nazli's father does not believe his daughter and stands by Hamid. She leaves her family and moves in with Johann. When Hamid turns up at Mahin's wedding, all hell is let loose …The main actress Sara Sommerfeld was awarded the “Nordic Amanda” in 2001 as Best Actress. (Nordic Filmdays Luebeck)

Luebeck 2001 (awarded), Sandnes 2001, Laon 2002

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TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

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Sonet (S)