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Woozle and Pip: In Search of the Scallywagger!

Original title: Woezel & Pip Op zoek naar de Sloddervos!
German title: Woozle and Pip: In Search of the Scallywagger!
Netherlands, 2016

Director: Raats, Patrick
Production company: Tom de Mol Productions, Dreamchaser Europe
Co-producers: KRO-NCRV, il Luster Prod., Anikey Studios
Age recommendation: 3 years and up
Length: 70 min.
Film genre: Animation

Puppies Woozle and Pip are hugely disappointed when the snow they so joyfully played in is melting away fast. Luckily enough, Aunty Pear Tree tells the two little friends there will be a party soon: Wise Fern’s birthday is about to arrive, and so is their playful little cousin Charlie! But first, Woozle and Pip have to clean up their toys. Wise Fern teaches the puppies about the mysterious Scallywagger, who’s always on the lookout for stuff lying around. But Woozle and Pip immediately forget all about the warning: they have to first hide Wise Fern’s secret present and play with Charlie. When they indeed discover the Scallywagger took their toys as well as Wise Fern’s present, Woozle, Pip and their friends start an adventure on new grounds, in hopes of finding this mysterious thief and all the stolen stuff, before Wise Fern finds out!

Utrecht 2016, Cinekid Amsterdam 2016

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