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Wild Soccer Bunch, The

Original title: Die wilden Kerle
German title: Die wilden Kerle
Germany, 2003

Director: Massanek, Joachim
Production company: Sam Film, Munich & Dreammotion
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

The "football friends" are seven boys aged between six and ten for whom football is everything. Of course, they want to spend the approaching summer holidays kicking a ball around, but the playground has already been taken: by their worst enemies, fat Michi and his "invincible victors" - and to make it worse, the others are several years older. The football friends and the invincible victors agree to compete for the playground in a football match.

But a lot must happen before the football friends have any chance of success. They have to escape from their parents' detention, find a trainer, and not only to practice passes, crosses and shots at goal in a boggy field. They learn that friendships can be spoilt, but also mended again, and they also discover that even most fiendish of them is not immune to a weakness known as falling in love ... (source: Catalogue Golden Sparrow Erfurt/Gera 2003)

Football-comedy (feature film) based on a book series, to be released in autumn 2003.

Marketing strategies:
Combined marketing with film, book series and video game.

Cinema: 900.000 admissions in Germany. Sold to 20 countries all over the world.

Hamburg 2003, Giffoni 2004, Duesseldorf 2004, Oulu 2004, Zlin 2005, Jakarta 2012

Website: www.diewildenkerle.de

World sales address/es:
SamFilm (DE)
Telepool / Global Screen (DE)

Sold to:
Walt Disney (D)
Walt Disney (A)
Cineworx (CH)