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Wicky the Mighty Viking

Original title: Wickie und die starken Männer
German title: Wickie und die starken Männer
Germany, 2009

Director: Herbig, Michael Bully
Production company: Rat Pack
Co-producers: herbX film, Constantin
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

VICKY THE VIKING is a real action film of the very popular TV cartoon series of the same name from 1974. The German-Japanese-Austrian production was made under the direction of Chikao Katsui, Hiroshi Saitô and Eberhard Storek.

Vicky, a weakly lad with red hair, lives together with his mother Ylva and his father Halvar, the stubbornest Viking chief of all time, in the little village of Flake. As we all know, Vikings are strong and brave and… generally far too loud. But Vicky is different – shy and rather delicate, but he makes up for it by being very, very clever.

One day the Viking village is attacked by a horde of wild strangers wearing terrifying dragon masks. The Vikings’ biggest, most precious treasure is plundered – their children. Only Vicky escapes abduction because he was caught up in a tree while flying his kite. Led by his father Hlavar, the Vikings immediately set sail to free their children. But they face grave danger again
and again, finishing up in some impossible situations. Strength and courage are not much help when that happens – what is needed are Vicky’s clever ideas…

Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2010 (awarded), Kodomotachino Kinder Film Festival Tokyo 2010 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2011

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