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Wedding Song, The

Original title: Le chant des mariées
German title: Hochzeitslied, Das
France, Tunesia, 2007

Director: Albou, Karin
Production company: Gloria Films Production
Co-producers: Cinetelefilms
Age recommendation: 16 years and up

Tunis, 1942. Nour and Myriam, both sixteen years old, have been friends since childhood. They share the same house in a humble neighbourhood where Jews and Muslims live in harmony. Each secretly desires the other’s life: while Nour regrets not going to school like her friend, Myriam dreams of love. She is jealous of Nour’s engagement to her cousin Khaled, who is, to her eyes, a kind of Prince Charming. Unfortunately, Khaled can’t find work. The engagement lasts longer than planned and the perspective of intimacy becomes more remote.
In November 1942, the German army enters Tunis. Following the French Vichy government’s policy, the Nazis subject the Jewish population to harsh penalties. Tita, Myriam’s mother, no longer has the right to work. Laden with debts, she decides to marry her daughter off to a rich doctor.
Myriam suddenly sees her dreams of love vanish.

Torino 2008, Namur 2008, Copenhagen 2009, Seattle 2009, Schlingel Chemnitz 2009, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2009 (awarded), Ale Kino Poznan 2009, BUFF Malmö 2010, Vilnius 2010

World sales address/es:
Pyramide (FR)

Sold to:
Pyramide (FR)
Imagine Film (BE)