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Wednesday Child, The

Original title: Szerdai gyerek
German title: Mittwochskind, Das
Hungary, Germany, 2015

Director: Horváth, Lili
Production company: Popfilm, Detailfilm
Age recommendation: 13 years and up
Length: 94 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Maja, having grown up in children’s home, now has a son named Kristian, who is currently living in such a home. She misses him terribly and tries to visit him as often as she can. However, Kristian shuns the young mother whom he sees only occasionally. This saddens Maja, and she wishes to regain custody. In order to achieve that, she would have be to able to provide a stable family income and home for the child. Maja’s employment situation is far from secure, and it does not help that Kristian’s father is irresponsible and a criminal. With the initiation of a local micro loan project that helps new entrepreneurs get started, Maja gets a chance to make a change. While she does have an idea for a business, participation in the project further requires commitment and a true desire to change.

Karlovy Vary 2015 (awarded), Oulu CFF 2016

Website: www.hu-hu.facebook.com/szerdaigyerek/

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