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Original title: Will
German title: Will
Turkey, Great Britain, 2011

Director: Perry, Ellen
Production company: Strangelove Films (GB)
Co-producers: Galatafilm (TR)
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Eleven-year-old Will Brennan is the world’s biggest Liverpool football fan. At his boys’ school in southern England, Will’s love and knowledge of the sport is all that sustains him. Then out of nowhere appears Will’s absentee father, Gareth, and with two tickets to the biggest match of the year: the Champions League Final in Istanbul.

But before the two can begin their journey, Gareth dies suddenly. Determined to make the trip and honour his father’s dream, Will runs away. En route, he encounters Alek, a former Yugoslavian football star who abandoned the game during his country’s civil war. Despite his initial reluctance to help, Alek finds himself inspired by Will’s heroic journey and helps him fulfil his dream.

Marketing strategies:
Main roles: Damian Lewis, Jane March and Bob Hoskins. Liverpool FC manager Kenny Dalglish and players Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher also appear in the film.

Cannes 2011, Cinekid Amsterdam 2011 (awarded), Cinemagic Belfast 2011, Jeugdfilmfestival Vlaanderen Antwerp & Brugge 2012 (awarded), Toronto 2012, Ale Kino Poznan 2012, Reel Fun FF Calgary 2013

Website: www.galatafilm.com/index_eng.html

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Galata (TR)