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Forever Young

Original title: Héroes / Herois
Spain, 2010

Director: Freixas, Pau
Production company: Media Films / Televisió de Catalunya
Age recommendation: 9 years and up

A young publicist with a successful professional life but with an empty personal life, finds himself on a trip against time to get to a transcendental business meeting. Along the way he meets a girl. They are very different and have opposite ways of life, but they click with each other when recalling the most mythical and emotional time of their childhood: the last summer they spent with their gang.
We will find out what they were like as kids, how they experienced their first love and their adventures. They felt like heroes when fighting to win that magical tree cabin where all their wishes would be fulfilled.

The Catalan version of the classic films "The Goonies" and "Stand by Me".

Antwerp & Brugge 2011, Málaga 2011 (awarded)

Website: www.mediafilms.es

World sales address/es:
Media Films (ES)

Sold to:
Alta (Esp)