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For No Eyes Only

Original title: For No Eyes Only
German title: For No Eyes Only
Germany, 2013

Director: Barde, Tali
Production company: Avalon Film
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Due to an accident during hockey practice teenage-nerd Sam Anders is chained to his desk chair with a broken leg, spending time with his next best friend: his computer. When boredom is almost fatal, a dubious program gets his attention and soon he finds himself spying on his classmates by hacking their web cams. Discovering the most intimate secrets about his victims starts as fun but turns into a serious situation, when he witnesses the new boy in class Aaron having severe problems with his father. The sudden disappearance of the man and Aarons ominous behavior leads him to the suspicion of murder. Sam and Livia, who accidentally finds out about the whole situation, start investigating on their own...soon finding themselves on the slippery edge of events getting out of hand... (Avalon Film)

Indie Spirit Film Festival in Colorado Springs, Lucas Frankfurt 2013, Michel Hamburg, Indie FF New Orleans, Michel Hamburg 2013, Sehpferdchen Hannover 2014, Stockholm Junior 2014, Augsburg 2014 (awarded), Golden Sparrow CFF Erfurt/Gera 2014, Pula 2014 (awarded), Ale Kino! Poznan 2014

Website: www.facebook.com/fornoeyesonly/info