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Forest People, The

Original title: Stubbefolket
Norway, 2010

Director: Jacobsen, Trond
Production company: Fantasi-Fabrikken

The forest people live deep in the woods. Even though they live next to us humans, they avoid all contact with us, because as they say: the humans have forgotten how to live in harmony with the nature.

One of the forest people is the young orphan boy Tvelugg. At the end of school year the forest children are asked to do three tasks in order to enter the adult world. Tvelugg suddenly finds himself chased by bandits in the woods, and at the same time he also exposes his own, the forest people, to the humans. In a final daring task, Tvelugg has to enter the bandit’s lair and steal something back from them…

Kristiansand 2012

Website: www.fantasi-fabrikken.no

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