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Freddy Frogface

Original title: Orla Frøsnapper
German title: Freddy Froschgesicht
Denmark, 2011

Director: Dodd, Peter & Fredholm, Gert
Production company: Crone Film
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Summer, sunshine and holiday time has arrived for Victor and his best friend Jakob. They can look forward to fun and games and hanging out with Sausage, the dog, and Jakob's cool cousin Clara. When a circus arrives in town with a talent show, Victor starts training a sketch number with Sausage. But when the town tyrant Freddy Frogface begins his scheming, nothing is what it seems to be.

Scheduled release: June 2011

Marketing strategies:
More than 37.000 admissions in Denmark. Based on the book by Ole Lund Kirkegaard

Lucas Frankfurt 2011, BUFF Malmö 2012, Golden Elephant CFF India 2013, Kristiansand 2014

World sales address/es:
Sola Media (DE)

Sold to:
Svensk Filmindustri (DK)
Jef (BE)
In The Air (NL)