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Flying Classroom, The

Original title: fliegende Klassenzimmer, Das
German title: fliegende Klassenzimmer, Das
Germany, 2002

Director: Wigand, Tomy
Production company: Bavaria Film (Uschi Reich)
Co-producers: Lunaris, Munich
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Jonathan is only twelve, but he's already gone through six boarding schools. His last chance is Leipzig's St. Thomas School, home of the world-famous boys' choir. And for Jonathan, there's no better place to be. As he makes friends with his roommates, they take him to their secret meeting place: an abandoned train car. There they discover a mysterious stranger named Bob one day – and the script for a play, 'The Flying Classroom'. With new music and rap lyrics, it's going to be the kids' personal contribution to the school's Christmas show. Even the rebellious Mona agrees to join them since … well, since she's never met anyone as sweet as Jonathan. Unaware of the play's author and what it means to their favorite teacher Justus, the kids unwittingly trigger a turbulent chain of events. But in the end, their adventures open
their eyes to the value of friendship and civil courage – and even bring two old friends back together, Bob and Justus, who'd been separated for years by inhumanity and injustice. (Source: Bavaria International)

Based on the famous book by Erich Kaestner.

A rollicking good time, full of great performances, tender moments, hearty laughs and madcap adventure. (Sprockets Toronto 2004)

Marketing strategies:
1,8 mio. admissions in Germany.

Golden Sparrow Erfurt/Gera 2003 (awarded), Leeds 2003 (awarded), Zlin 2003 (awarded), Bavarian Film Award 2003, Duesseldorf 2003, Cottbus 2003, Chicago 2003, Castellinaria 2003 (awarded), Sprockets Toronto 2004, Kristiansand 2004, Vilnius 2004 Vancouver/Cabada 2004 (awarded), Montreal 2005

Website: www.das-fliegende-klassenzimmer.de

World sales address/es:
Bavaria Film International (D)

Sold to:
Constantin (DE)
Constantin (AT)
Best Hollywood (HU)
EuroVideo (DE)