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Five Children and It

Original title: Five Children and It
German title: Psammead, Das
Great Britain, USA, 2004

Director: Stephenson, John
Production company: UK Film Council
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

The film is based on an English novel of the same name written by Edith Nesbit, a classic of children’s literature. It tells the story of an encounter between a group of five brothers and sisters and an eight thousand year old mythical creature who lives in the sands of a seaside beach. The film is set in the time of the Second World War in which the father of the children is also a soldier. To protect them, the children are sent away from London to their uncle who lives in the countryside. At first they are not particularly enthusiastic of being sent away. Yet, the summer by the sea turns out to be one great big adventure. While playing on the beach, the they dig up the strange creature – which calls itself „Psammead“. They call the creature simply “it”. At times sarcastic, at other times extremely humorous, Psammead promises to fulfill of the wishes of the children. Yet, they don’t take into account, that Psammead also takes the freedom to let the unpleasant consequences of their wishes become reality too.

The film is combination of live action and animatronics, the story is based on the classic children's book "The Railway Children" by E. Nesbit.

Toronto International Film Festival 2004, Dubai 2004, Giffoni 2005, Lucas Frankfurt 2005, Cinemagic Belfast 2005, Showcommotion Sheffield 2007

World sales address/es:
Capitol (GB)

Sold to:
Medusa (I)
Independet (NL)
Pathé Int. & UK