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Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

Original title: Franklin et le trésor du lac
German title: Franklin und der Wunderstein
France, 2006

Director: Monféry, Dominique
Production company: Alphanim
Co-producers: StudioCanal
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Franklin is enjoying summer vacation when his family receives a rare visit from Aunty Lucie, an archaeologist with a passion for treasure hunts. Franklin’s grandmother remembers her own treasure, a box that she’d buried when she was a little girl… But during this evocation of the past she suddenly falls ill.

Franklin and his friends decide to find this box that could save Granny. Aunt Lucie accompanies them on this expedition deep into the forest, along with Samantha, her goddaughter, whose abrasive temperament upsets the group’s equilibrium. Franklin must summon up all his patience to keep the young explorers fixed on their objective.


World sales address/es:
Studiocanal ( F)

Sold to:
Mars (FR)
Frenetic (CH)
Optimum (UK)
CinéArt (BE)
Best Hollywood (HU)
Pa-Dora D.O.O. (HR)
Pol-Media (PL)
3-L Homevideo (D)