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Friends Forever (Mullewap)

Original title: Mullewap – Das große Kinoabenteuer der Freunde
German title: Mullewap – Das große Kinoabenteuer der Freunde
Germany, 2008

Director: Loeser, Tony & Moller, Jesper
Production company: Motion Works
Co-producers: WDR, Neue Kinowelt Filmproduktion
Age recommendation: 4 years and up

Animation. Mullewapp is the setting for the story. This village is a heavenly little spot on earth that is synonymous with peace and quiet. Our focus lies on the beautiful little farm run by Farmer Husemann. But even more important than the farm are the animals that live there. There are chickens, pigs, mice, dogs, goats, cows and many more. Of course there are also the natural threats like foxes and wolves around the farm. In addition to everyday farm life, there are also plenty of adventures that the three of the farm inhabitants seem to be attracted to magnetically. Those three are: Johnny the Mouse, Charlie the Rooster and Porky Percy. They are best friends who enjoy their friendship more than anything else. Everybody likes them too, because they are always willing to be of help with any kind of problem. "A case for friends ? how it all began" shows how those three characters meet and connect forever. This movie is all about: Friendship, Trust, Courage, Loyalty, Responsibility and Honesty Based upon the famous children's books by author and illustrator Helme Heine.

Based on the books by Helme Heine.

Cinekid Amsterdam 2009, Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2010, Buster Copenhagen 2010, Gijon 2010

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Studiocanal (DE)

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