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French Girl

Original title: Francesa
France, Marocco, 2008

Director: El-Bouhati, Souad
Production company: Jem Prod., Irene Prod.
Co-producers: France 2 Cinema
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

“So which are you: French, African, Moroccan or Arab?” This loaded question is posed to ten-year-old Sophia, the middle daughter of a Moroccan family living in a French suburb. When her father suddenly finds himself out of work, the family must return to their homeland. Eight years later, Sofia is a precocious, questioning and headstrong university student, who rebels against Moroccan tradition and becomes consumed by an overwhelming desire to return to her beloved France.

Dubai 2008, Rotterdam 2009, Göteborg 2009, San Francisco 2009, Ouagadougou 2009, Reel2Real Vancouver 2010 (awarded), FICI Madrid 2010

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