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Frederick and Robin Hood

Original title: Friedrich und der verzauberte Einbrecher
German title: Friedrich und der verzauberte Einbrecher
Germany, 1996

Director: Losansky, Rolf
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Friedrich (9) is home alone. And he is doing what he likes best: reading. The boy has gone deep into the fantasy world of his books when suddenly there is a tall, dark man with a gun standing in the doorway. A burglar. With great courage and lots of funny ideas, Friedrich defends his mother's little flat. Finally, he is standing in a defensive pose in front of an old cupboard stuffed full of some of the nicest books. When the burglar also rummages through here as well, the book about Robin Hood falls into his hands - and a magic spell suddenly takes grip of the rogue. He begins reading. Through the lines, he enters Sherwood Forest and comes to Robin, Hunter, Little John and their adventures. Later on, Friedrich and his mother find a nice man in their flat who somehow reminds them of Robin Hood. But the police arrest the burglar. Friedrich and his mother hatch a plan to get Robin Hood out of prison. But then there's that suspicious clattering at the front door again ... (German Cinema)

KJK 4/96

Gera 1997, Leo Liese Leipzig 2005 (awarded)

World sales address/es:
Antaeus Film (DE)

Sold to:
Progress Film-Verleih (D)