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Azur and Asmar

Original title: Azur et Asmar
German title: 1001 Nacht - die Geschichte von Azur und Asmar
France, 2006

Director: Ocelot, Michel
Production company: Nord-Ouest Production
Co-producers: Lucky Red Productions
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Once upon a time, there were two children who had the same nanny: Azur, blonde and blue-eyed, son of the lord of the castle, and Asmar, dark-skinned and black-eyed, the nurse's child. Brought up like brothers, the children are suddenly torn apart. But Azur, haunted by the legend of the Djinn the nanny used to tell him, intends to find it in lands beyond the seas. When they grow up, the two foster brothers each go separate ways in search of the fairy. Daring rivals, they find magic lands in a medieval Maghreb, full of dangers and enchantments.

Animation from the director of the "Kirikou"-movies.

Sprockets Toronto 2007:
Celebrated animation master Michel Ocelot delivers an awe-inspiring and exquisitely crafted epic tale in Azur and Asmar. (...) Ocelot’s latest work offers an unforgettably sublime viewing experience by coupling outstanding computer animation techniques with bold, painterly designs. Richly textured backgrounds capture both the simple beauty of the French Countryside and mesmerizing intricacy of North African cities, while a vibrant palette of characters – both human and mythical – are rendered with precision. Honouring the beauty of multiculturalism and blended families while celebrating the virtues of loyalty and honesty, Azur and Asmar is a masterful, modern-day fable for the ages.

" AZUR ET ASMAR by Michel Ocelot is a unique fairy tale that is both classic and modern all at once. The film is a stunning achievement that never fails to surprise both visually and narratively – transcending its genre, bridging cultures, and stirring the soul through beautifully realized animation." Jury's statement at the International Festival of Animated Films Stuttgart 2007

"The most beautiful film of 2009! It's hard to imagine a more transporting cinematic experience!" - Roger Ebert

Marketing strategies:
More than 1.600.000 admissions in France!

Cannes 2006 (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs), London Children's Film Festival 2006 (awarded), Ale Kino Poznan 2006 (awarded), Sprockets Toronto 2007 (awarded), Stuttgart 2007 (awarded)Kinderfilmfest Munich 2007 (awarded), Showcommotion Sheffield 2007, Buenos Aires (awarded), Cyprus 2007, Leeds 2008, New York Int. CFF 2009, Vilnius 2010

Website: www.azuretasmar-lefilm.com

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World sales address/es:
Wild Bunch (FR)

Sold to:
Frenetic (CH)
Diaphana (FR)
Lucky Red (IT)
Telepool / Global Screen (DE)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
In The Air (NL)
gkids (USA)