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Awesome Tale, An

Original title: Awesome Tale, An
German title: Awesome Tale, An *
Ucraine, 2008

Director: Shirman, Roman
Production company: Interfilm Production Studio
Co-producers: BalticFilmProduction and Exit Film (Estonia)
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

Once upon a time there were two Kingdoms – the Militant Kingdom and the Unhappy Kingdom. The intrigues of the Secret Service of the Militant Kingdom made young Princess of the Unhappy Kingdom run away from home... The plot of the film is based on the travels and adventures of the Princess, who eventually meets the young King of the Militant Kingdom. Unlike his Military Minister he does not want to wage war. Understandably, love flares up between them... After a great many captivating, funny, touching and sometimes dangerous adventures, they are united by Destiny, represented by a charming, yet very young girl. Peace, prosperity and happiness now rule the two Kingdoms...

Fairy Tale. "This is the first fiction for children and youth produced in
independent Ukraine."

Website: www.an-awesome-tale.interfilm.biz

World sales address/es:
Interfilm (UA)