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Almost Adult

Original title: Almost Adult
Great Britain, Germany, 2006

Director: Khan, Yousaf Ali
Production company: Parallax East
Co-producers: Channel 4, Elektrofilm
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Almost Adult is the story of two teenage girls who come from different countries and speak different languages but still become each other's family.

The two girls meet at a bus station in Birmingham after arriving in the UK as unaccompanied minors in search of asylum. Mamie, the elder of the two, takes Shiku under her wing. In doing so, she resolves to be the younger girl's big sister.

The girls try to adjust to their new lives. Many things seem strange and alarming to them. Shiku in particular is having real difficulty fitting in with her new family.

She is suffering from the after affects of the loss of her family back home and the traumatic things that happened to her on her journey to the UK. No one can properly understand what she has been through. No one but Mamie.

Kristiansand 2007, Chemnitz 2007, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2007

Website: www.almostadult.co.uk

World sales address/es:
Beyond Films (GB)
Bankside (GB)