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Original title: Alosha Popovich i Tugarin
German title: Aljoscha, der ruhmreiche Recke
Russia, 2004

Director: Bronzit, Konstantin
Production company: Melnitsa Studio
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Alosha is a young and mighty man, but there ends all comparisons to a true fairytale hero. The ambitious young man is constantly putting himself and others in trouble as he tries to go through with great deeds. When Alosha is planning to save his village from a dreaded gang of thieves, it ends with the village being completely destroyed while the thieves get away with all the treasures. Alosha decides to track down the crooks in order to become a hero, and brings with him a talking horse and the cutest girl from the village which in itself perhaps is more than he can take. Alosha is a funny and clever story about the difficulties of becoming and being a hero. (GI)

Marketing strategies:
The highest grossing Russian animated film of all time! Computer game and storybook based on the film also available.

Stockholm Junior 2005, Kristiansand 2005, Poznan 2005, Showcommotion Sheffield 2005, Giffoni 2005, Hamburg 2005, Oulu 2005, Buenos Aires 2006 (awarded), Cinemagic Belfast 2005, BUFF Malmö 2006

World sales address/es:
Melnitsa Studio (RUS)

Sold to:
Kinderkanal (D)
3-L Homevideo (D)