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Above Dark Waters

Original title: Tumman veden päällä
German title: Above Dark Waters*
Finland, 2013

Director: Franzén, Peter
Production company: Solar Films Oy
Age recommendation: 18 years and up

In the 1970s, in Lapland, little Pete is just about to start school, and fear is lurking in the corners of his mind. Pete’s mother, Eeva, tries her best to protect her children from Pete’s stepfather’s violent, alcoholic tendencies, but she is ashamed to acknowledge her failure in her relationship. To break the relationship would be considered shameful, in the small village the family lives in. Especially as she has already divorced once. She doesn’t want to lose her face, not a second time, not even if the well-being of her children is at jeopardy. Pete’s real father wants to be a part of his life, but the stepfather makes that hard. The grandparents play a big part in the family: their wisdom keeps the children further from evil thoughts. The support from the family will give Pete courage to push on, to look at things with his own eyes.

Marketing strategies:
Based on the novel by author Peter Franzén

Zlin 2014, Giffoni 2014

World sales address/es:
Solar Films (FI)

Sold to:
Nordisk (Fi)