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Almost 18

Original title: Kohta 18
German title: Beinahe 18
Finland, 2012

Director: Lalli, Maarit
Production company: Huh huh -Filmi Oy
Age recommendation: 16 years and up

Karri has the bad luck of having a driving teacher who is also his mother. And that she smells the alcohol on his breath during a driving lesson after Finland lost against Sweden at ice hockey. - Pete's girlfriend takes an abortion pill, which the 17-year-old finds somewhat unsettling. - André must look after his younger brother. After he finally manages to put him to sleep in the evening, his mother shows up after all: drunk and in the company of a stranger. - Akseli goes hunting with his father, a former alcoholic. They haven't spoken a word in years, and on the hide, too, it is better to remain silent. - And then there is Joni, 18: He supplements his pocket money by putting on a wolf costume to delight little children, and by undressing in the evening to delight housewives.

Nordic Filmdays Lübeck 2012, Oulu 2012 (awarded), Just Film Tallinn 2012, Kristiansand 2013, Zlin 2013

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Nordisk (Fi)