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Amore 14

Original title: Amore 14
German title: Amore 14
Italy, 2009

Director: Moccia, Federico
Production company: Medusa Film, Lotus Production, Arella Film
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Carolina is almost 14 years old, she is unique like all the girls of herage.

14 is a magical moment, there are girlfriends to share days and dreams. There are first kisses stolen in the shadow of front doorway. Then there are parties, school, jokes with schoolmates, the teacher that is a weird character, and obviously exams to prepare for.

Marketing strategies:
From the novel by Federico Moccia, with the same name.

Tallinn Black Nights Just Film 2010

World sales address/es:
Adriana Chiesa Enterpridr srl

Sold to:
Medusa (I)