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Agi and Emma

Original title: Agi I Ema
German title: Agi und Emma
Serbia, 2007

Director: Petrovi?, Milutin
Production company: Art&Popcorn
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

His parents’ favourite hobby is moving, followed by work and television. They do not have any time for their son. And the uncle, who is to look after him, falls asleep each time. So nine-year-old Agi is often alone. He has not had any friends for ages. When you constantly move from place to place, as in a circus, little time remains to make contacts.
They have just moved again. Agi hangs onto daydreams. Owing to his lively imagination he has created a small imaginary world for himself. And there he meets Emma, a friendly, curious and enterprising old lady.

Novi Sad 2007, Chemnitz 2007, Hyderabad 2007, Oulu 2007

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Art&Popcorn (Serbia)

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