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Angel for May, An

Original title: Angel for May, An
German title: Angel for May, An
Great Britain, 2002

Director: Cokeliss, Harley
Production company: Spice Factory
Co-producers: Barzo Prod., Gentian Prod., The Children's Film & TV Foundation, Yorkshire Media Prod. Agency
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Through a fireplace, Tom travels back in time to World War II. He ends up on a farm where he becomes part of the family and developes a warm friendship with the girl, May.

After returning to the present, Tom discovers that the family he visited all died under a bombing attack shortly after he left them in the past. And to warn the family, he fights to get back in time again. His journeys back and forth are not without consequences, though. His somewhat difficult present family life is influenced dramatically from his time travelling.
(Buster Copenhagen 2002)

It's a well made, uplifting fantasy adventure story about a boy who begins to learn about making choices and taking responsibility. Highly recommended. (Kathy Loizou, Showcomotion Sheffield)

An Angel for May is a warm and adventurous human story with a number of great actors. (Buster Copenhagen 2002)

Marketing strategies:
Based on the award-winning book by Melvyn Burgess

Showcommotion Sheffield 2002, Buster Copenhagen 2002, Cinekid Amsterdam 2002, Chicago 2002, Cinemagic Belfast 2002 (awarded), Antwerp 2003 (awarded), Malmö 2003, Laon 2003, Poznan 2003 (awarded), Chemnitz 2003, Oulu 2003 (awarded), Winnipeg/Canada 2003 (awarded), Hyderabad 2003 (awarded), Sprockets Toronto 2004, Discovery Dundee 2004, Vienna 2004 (awarded)

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Portman (GB)

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Park Junior (NL)
Jef (BE)