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Original title: Animal
German title: Animal
France, 2020

Director: Dion, Cyril
Production company: Capa, Bright Bright Bright
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 96 min.
Film genre: Documentary

The place of mankind among the living is the main topic. At the instigation of Cyril Dion, who already gave us his vision with TOMORROW, and the primatologist Jane Goodall, two teenagers will embark in an extraordinary quest: to find another way of living alongside other species, more as roomates than predators. To do so, they will travel and meet with scientists and activists all over the globe.

Cannes IFF 2021, Black Nights Tallinn 2021, BUFF Malmö 2022, Cinema in Sneakers Warsaw 2022, nominated for EFA Young Audience Award 2022, Kids Kino CFF Warsaw 2022, Buster CFF Copenhagen 2022, Lucas CFF Frankfurt 2022, Young Audience Award 2022, Castellinaria CFF Bellinzona (awarded), Buster CFF Copenhagen 2023, Kinotrip CFF Ljubljana 2023

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