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Original title: App
German title: App
Netherlands, 2013

Director: Boermans, Bobby
Production company: 2CFILM
Co-producers: Just Film
Age recommendation: 16 years and up

21 year old psychology student, Anna, wakes up after a wild party unable to remember anything. Trying to put the pieces of the previous night together, she notices a mysterious App called IRIS downloaded on to her smartphone. The ingenious App answers every question you ask it. But this is more than just an innocent study aid. It seems to know every intimate detail of Anna's personal life, and the lives of all her friends. As Anna is drawn further and further into its web, the sinister App gradually escalates its campaign of terror, distributing more and more compromising photographs, videos and text messages via her contacts list. All attempts to delete it result in fatal, unexplained incidents. Powerless and afraid, Anna finally decides to take a stand against the evil App, but her bravery unwittingly sets off a chain of horrifying events.

Schlingel Chemnitz 2013, Black Nights Just Film Tallinn 2013

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