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About that Life

Original title: Libi, De
German title: About that Life *
Netherlands, 2019

Director: El-Hamus, Shady
Production company: The Rogues
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 102 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Bilal, Gregg and Kevin can't wait for 'real life' to begin. While the three boys are driven by a compelling lust for life, as friends they couldn't be any more different. Bilal dreams big, is a force of nature with heaps of self confidence and has no regard for rules. Gregg is Bilal’s calm opposite while Kevin is struggling to be more self confident. But as the end of school life looms, the three learn that friendship can continue independent of their chosen life paths.

Just Film Tallinn 2019, JEF CFF Vlaanderen 2020, Lucas CFF Frankfurt 2020

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World sales address/es:
Rogues (NL)

Sold to:
Gusto (NL)