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Appartamento ad Atene

Original title: Apartment in Athens
German title: Apartment in Athen
Italy, 2011

Director: Dipaola, Ruggero
Production company: L'Occhio e la Luna

Athens, 1942. Before the war Nikolas Hellanos was a well-to-do publisher. Sensitive and enlightened, he is the loving father of Leda and Alex and tender husband of Zoe, with whom he tries to survive the war and Nazi occupation. Their home life is ruined by the (literal) entrance of a German officer. Rigid and tyrannical, Captain Kalter destroys their intimacy by taking over the master bedroom, eating meals in the living room, using the study as a reading and smoking room. In spite of themselves, Nikolas and Zoe learn to live with the captain, practicing prudence in their actions and thoughts. Leda and Alex react differently. The girl is fascinated by the uniform while her brother strongly resents the intruder.

Rome IFF 2011, Mumbai IFF 2011, Syracuse 2012, Shanghai 2012, Montreal 2012, Jameson Dublin 2012, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2012 (awarded)

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