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Original title: Albert
German title: Albert und der große Rapollo
Denmark/Germany/Norway, 1998

Director: Faurschou, Jørn
Production company: M & M Productions AS
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

When Albert sails down the river in his wash tub it turns into a river in the Amazon jungle; the division between reality and imagination is consistently suspended in this children's film based on a much-loved story by Ole Lund Kirkegaard. Albert is an unruly ten-year-old lad who gets up to lots of mischief with his chum Egon. They steal pears from the cross village cobbler, but enjoy listening to the amiable old grocer when he tells them about the magic Grimaldi diamond, which was once the pride of the village but has now disappeared. Egon, who is forbidden to play with Albert, disappears into a mysterious world of make-believe where Albert tries to find him. And, of course the two of them hunt for the magnificent green Grimaldi diamond.

The film brings together perky humour and riotous narrative fun in this story about the two boys' experiences in a harsh, colourful fantasy world where they meet a lovely girl of their own age, but also a bunch of cruel tyrants. They bring the diamond home as a tribute to the power of imagination and indomitable boyish derring-to. (Danish Feature Films 1998/99)

A nice fantasymovie for the whole family, based on a children's book by Lund Kirkegaard.

Berlin 1999

World sales address/es:
BV Film A/S (N)

Sold to:
Jef (BE)
MFA+-Filmverleih (D)
Warner & Metron. (DK)