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Original title: Cobardes
German title: Feigling *
Spain, 2008

Director: Corbacho, José & Cruz, Juan
Production company: Ensueno Films, Filmax
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Gaby is fourteen and he is afraid of going to school. The reason for his fear may be his schoolmate Guille who does not want to disappoint his inadequately demanding father. But Gaby's and Guille's parents are afraid as well. Some are afraid that they will lose their jobs, others fear that their family will fall apart; the boys gradually find out that the world of the adults has its fears too. The only exception seems to be the pizzeria owner Silverio, who seems to be afraid of nothing. A dynamically shot film about bullying among teenagers shows that the reasons for such behaviour can be deeper than society would be willing to admit. Using seemingly banal situations as examples of „common" bullying, we gradually discover the impact of the behaviour of adults on the psyche of their children.

Zlin 2009 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2009, Sprockets Toronto 2010, Nueva Mirada Buenos Aires 2010

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Filmax International (E)