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Coconut, the Little Dragon – True Friendship is Fireproof

Original title: kleine Drache Kokosnuss – Feuerfeste Freunde, Der
German title: kleine Drache Kokosnuss – Feuerfeste Freunde, Der
Germany, 2014

Director: Weiland, Hubert & Wels, Nina
Production company: Caligari Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH
Co-producers: Universum Film GmbH, ZDF
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 83 min.
Film genre: Animation

Truth be told, Coconut the little dragon leads a very happy life on Dragon Island. If it wasn’t for his mother, who still insists on calling him “my little baby”, and the flying exam at school, which Coconut hasn’t managed to pass yet. To prove that he is “a real man” his grandfather Jo?rgen charges him with guarding the valuable fire grass. But unfortunately, that very same night Coconut is visited by his friend Oskar, the vegetarian guzzling dragon, with his pet calf Steaki. Oskar has run away from home because he is expected to slaughter and grill Steaki, and he hopes to hide at Coconut’s place. Then the worst happens! The little dragon Coconut only took his eye off the fire grass for a moment, and now it has gone! All the two friends can do now is try to find the thief and fetch back the grass, which gives the fire-breathing dragons the ability to make fire. They are joined in this adventurous undertaking by the little porcupine Matilda, and the three of them will need to prove just what they are made of.

More than 1 million admissions in German speaking territories, sold to many countries all over the world.

Golden Sparrow Erfurt & Gera 2015, Cinemagic Belfast 2015, Chicago CFF 2015, Just Film Tallinn 2015, Krakow CFF 2015

World sales address/es:
Caligari (DE)

Sold to:
Universum (DE)